About Caryn

An early drawing memory for me is “fixing” my wallpaper at 4 years old. After experimenting with several colors, I was elated to discover the purple worked! It’s the beginning of my love for color, especially mixing colors, and what a coincidence that it was at the wall. Since then, I always have (at least) a set of colored pencils with me-just in case.

My love of color and the spoken word have come together beautifully in graphic recording. Before creating visual stories, my career as an illustrator and frequent artist-in-residence provided the vast experience I draw on as a graphic facilitator and graphic recording artist now. There is something amazing about capturing ideas and aspirations as they emerge. The “in the moment” nature of the work is invigorating and rewarding.

When I’m not visually capturing an event, you can find me recharging in the garden, enjoying music, and hanging out with my rescue pup, Spencer.

Woman in purple shirt drawing on large white board
Dog on beach