Drawing Insight

The future of effective communication

Video Courtesy of ElectriCities

Graphic recording isn’t new, but it sure is effective.

Caryn’s graphic recording highlights the value of key elements in a
compelling visual way.

Grab Meaningful Attention

Your message is important, but the natural human attention span can hinder the power of your takeaways. Graphic illustration keeps your audience on task. Plus, when the audience isn’t taking notes, they’re spending more time watching you.

Supercharge Retention

You aren’t speaking just to hear yourself speak. You have an audience to inspire and motivate and clients to satisfy. You’re speaking to make a change in the audience, using graphic illustration highlights your keypoints to ensure every attendant walks away educated.

Create Stand-Out Marketing Materials

Promote your event with beautiful lettering and illustrations you won’t find anywhere else. Graphic recording takes the pertinent information and makes it easy to read and understand.
Caryn was such a pleasure to work with. She created a beautiful graphic record of our conversation which served not only as a helpful anchoring visual during our discussion, but also as excellent notes to circulate post-meeting.

Her artistry and attention to detail are evident. Watching her process also made meeting attendees more engaged as they observed their own comments being given shape and color. We are grateful to Caryn for adding a fun and beautiful element to our meeting!

Emily Kiser, Program Coordinator, Triangle Global Health Consortium

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