Howl with an accent!
Partners from across NC State collaborated in the Equity Research Symposium, aimed at sharing and advancing cutting-edge, equity-focused and equity-relevant research.
This year’s event focused on exploring how equity informs research and spotlighted ongoing projects in the field.
Through this symposium, partners aim to foster interdisciplinary discussions on equity-related topics and identify areas for future research.

Conversaciones Comunitarias en Mount Olive

This work in progress is from a community listening session in Mount Olive, NC. The goal was to visually capture the proceedings in English for the stakeholders, while conducting the event in Spanish to enable direct communication with those requiring improved services.

The insights were visually captured in English for broader dissemination. This approach ensured that perspectives from the Spanish-speaking community were heard and included.

Advanced Energy: The Next Generation

This visualization exercise following a reorganization, allowed the Advanced Energy team to realign their goals and explore possibilities. The session stimulated creative thinking, promoted learning and growth, and reignited excitement for collective success.

The dynamic visual representation is permanently displayed in a common area for employees to continuously be inspired.