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Graphic recording is the live capture of conversations in real time using creative lettering and illustration.

During conference keynote, ideation session, workshop or any time people gather to learn, share or innovate, an illustrated chart helps everyone remember more.

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Keynotes & Conferences

Make your next event unforgettable.

Captivate and Engage Attendees

According to the Social Science Research Network, a staggering 65% of people are visual learners.

Sixty-five percent!

Your audience is listening, but for how long? Graphic illustration and recording brings in the visual element in a way no powerpoint can match.

Create Unique Marketing Materials

Images of speakers and smiling attendees can only go so far. Effortlessly create promotional materials hitting on your salient points without compromising style or information.

With Caryn’s deep understanding of your message and goals, she creates materials you’ll want to use as a recap of past events or a draw for events to come.

Engage Attendees on Social Media

Skyrocket your social media conversations! Your attendees love tweeting quotes and takeaways, give them an image to share as well!

Increase volume, interactions, and post-event conversation as your attendees share the graphic illustration right in front of their eyes.

Special Events

Create one-of-a-kind experiences for your guests.

Create Keepsakes

Remembering your special day is essential. You’ve invested time, money, and emotional energy creating the perfect experience.

Caryn will work with you to create a meaningful keepsake documenting the key moments that mean the most to you . Popular services include graphic illustrations of speeches, timelines, or even guest well-wishes.

Entertain Guests

Your guests will delight in watching their experiences come alive! Create personalized gifts for each person who came to celebrate while offering live entertainment.

A photobooth can’t compete with the unique works of art created by Caryn!

Document Memories

Your guests deserve a keepsake as well!

Your special event is time set aside to celebrate, reflect, and inspire. Don’t let those memories fade into the background. Caryn will create beautiful illustrations documenting the events, activities, and high-points without a single lift of your finger.

Workshops & Meetings

Elevated note-taking.

Attend the Meeting You Planned

You’ve worked hard to organize and facilitate an important workshop or meeting. But now you’re faced with taking notes and documenting key takeaways!

Caryn’s work will eliminate the need for you to focus on maintaining structure and let you focus on being present.

Create Consistent Notes and Takeaways

Effective meetings create an environment of collaboration and mutual understanding.

However, each attendee will latch onto different takeaways, creating the potential for miscommunication.

Caryn will ensure each attendee has a clear understanding of the points you want to drive home. Don’t let your key insights slip through the cracks!

Share Reference Materials

Inevitably, there will be scheduling conflicts. By inviting Caryn to your next meeting, you won’t have to worry about taking or sharing notes with absent attendees.

Even better, those who missed the event won’t need to sift through powerpoints or bulleted lists of information. They’ll have the most important points documented in a skimmable, and entertaining, format.